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Habitat School House and Our Letter Adventures!

This year is full of lots of changes, it is my first time home schooling three kids, and first time doing it with twins in tow. It is a lot to manage, but we are headed into our third week of school and seem to be finding our daily rhythm. I have been utilizing the “morning basket method.” It is basically an open invitation to choose something to learn about and sit down at the table together. It has been working so well, especially with my oldest two. We are also using the Habitat School House preschool curriculum and although Asher is in TK, I still chose it because he is really just dipping his toe into academics this year. We chose to delay a lot of academics with Khloe until age seven, and I plan on doing the same with Asher. This doesn’t mean he’s not learning, it means we don’t require him to compete menial tasks and worksheets. However, he actually enjoys worksheets every now and then and that is when I utilize our curriculum.

My absolute favorite thing so far about Habitat curriculum is that it’s a great jumping off point! It is a comprehensive curriculum but we like to color outside the lines a bit around here. So in order to make the curriculum work for our home school and this family I have made it a big letter adventure! We are currently on the letter B and had our big letter adventure to be BEACH. We started our day off with blueberry muffins, we pointed out everything that started with the letter B on the way to the beach. We yelled at every bus that passed by, and chased a lot of birds. You get the picture. I think they were a little bbbonkers by the time I was done.  Pay backs for the years of repetition on their part.

Blueberry Muffins

So what does our schedule look like?


  • Math Monday,-I set up three stations, and have the kids rotate. I adjust the difficulty based on age range and this lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour.
  • After our morning math session, I will usually have everyone grab an activity from the morning basket, so I can clean up, take care of the twins, and I usually unload the dishwasher.
  • serve second breakfast…………………………………………
  • Once things settle down again, I set up a science project or nature study.  (We have used the volcano experiment from Habitat, and also some nature studies from Exploring Nature with Children.
  • We break again and I clean up…..again.  During this time the little ones are supposed to be free playing while Khloe does some spelling. We are using sequential spelling this year.
  • We have lunch and then I put babies down for a nap. I use this time to do chores. Laundry, making beds, picking up etc. The big kids are free playing or sometimes I enforce quiet time.
  • We end our day with poetry and tea time.


  • Kids are at enrichment.


Again we have slow mornings, I should also say that we read aloud every night. I have tried adding it in to our daily rhythm and it just doesn’t work for us right now in this season of life. We are currently reading Harry Potter and a variety of library books.

  • (Khloe) Cursive and handwriting practice. (Copy work)
  • Asher- usually doodling or coloring something.
  • Sawyer- generally being super distracting and writing on Khloe’s papers. Ha!
  • Twins- demanding more puffs on their tray, or if your Oliver, your trying to climb the stairs and giving mom gray hair.

I do dishes while everyone is somewhat busy and do a quick clean up. I like to pick up throughout the day because I find the mess overwhelming and I’m just better with a clean house.

  • second breakfast is a daily thing…….
  • Khloe-20 min reading practice
  • Asher-Habitat worsheet,tracing, free playing, playdough, etc.
  • Sawyer-sensory activity or free play

On Wednesday’s we do an art history study and painting as a group. Which I love about Habitat! It includes an art study! We loved the scribbles one from S week.


  • Kids at enrichment


Adventure day! I will usually plan something for the morning, sometimes its an all day event, sometimes its just a trip to do school at Starbucks. I have also been incorporating the library every other week. I always plan our adventure around our Habitat School House letter of the week. It always sends us on a fun adventure and we look forward to it every week!

I think the most important thing about homeschooling and choosing curriculum is finding what works for you and your family. Of course there are so many beautiful resources out there and it is amazing to have so many options, but it can also become overwhelming.  I always try to keep in mind that YOU, mama, are the absolute best curriculum your kids could ever have. You know each child, all their quirks, learning styles etc. Don’t forget the importance of a good focused conversation.

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