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Chaos and Sweat

Let’s face it, from the moment we walked through the front door of our home with two more little bundles of joy, I quickly realized “Chaos and Sweat,” would be the new theme to my life. Our children were overjoyed to have us home, beaming with excitement to hold the new babies and not so gently shove pacifiers into their tiny little mouths. The twins were both hungry after the hour long car ride home and I was in a lot of pain. Everyone was buzzing around me like bees on a hive and I had to ask my mom to carry my tiny five pound baby because I was feeling the need to pass out real quick. I had lost a lot of blood and was definitely feeling the affects of that. You see childbirth is magical. I’ve had three natural deliveries and one c-section. After a natural delivery you have some cramping for a bit and maybe a little discomfort but are feeling human again very quickly. C section recovery has been a much different experience. I almost felt robbed of the joyous experience of having that brand new baby sat on my bare chest right away, the joy of the first cry, the late nights in the hospital bonding with the new baby, and trying to remember how to change that ever so tiny diaper. Instead I was strapped to a table, I didn’t get to hold my babies for what seemed like an eternity and my very short three day hospital stay was more focused on my recovery than it was a bonding experience with my babies. From major blood loss, passing out the first time I attempted to go to the bathroom,(sorry tmi) IV’s full of iron and fluids to keep me hydrated. Extreme pain and strong pain meds that make you feel loopy. Maybe I’m a big wimp, or maybe I have just been spoiled by my previous birth experiences, but there’s a large part of me that wishes I would have tried to labor longer with the twins. They were both transverse, which basically means sideways, which is why I had a c section. Of course I think we made the best decision we could given the circumstances, but there is still that part of me that wishes it went differently. In the end, we were gifted two perfectly healthy little boys and that is what really matters.

The first few weeks:

The first week we were home from the hospital we had my wonderful parents here to help with every little thing. They were life savers. I was so anxious about them leaving me here. Like, “wait a minute you guys,” “you can’t leave me here with FIVE kids.” Obviously my husband and I made all those babies, and they are our responsibility but there is just something comforting about having your parents near. Like in case I fall, I know they will be there to help. When they leave, we are officially on our own, one of the major downfalls of living away from family. We have grown to love the independence that we’ve gained by being on our own away from everyone, but obviously it has some serious cons as well. Any who, long story short, they left, and we survived the second week on our own, with a lot of chaos and sweat of course.

TWINS: I have been asked a lot about what kind of twins they are, and the explanation is long. They are di/di twins. Which just means there was two of everything in the womb. Two amniotic sacs, two placentas, two babies. Usually di/di twins are fraternal, but about 30% of the time they can be identical it just depends on when the egg divided. So, are the boys identical or fraternal, we don’t know. They looked identical especially at first, but now we are starting to see some changes. The only way to actually know would be to have them tested. So we will just wait and see.

They are pretty laid back so far, and we have been having to formula feed because they were premature and had some trouble nursing. When their blood sugars became too low we had to make a decision and I started pumping and giving them formula. They responded immediately and I became well aware that this journey would be nothing like my other ones. So many things seemed totally out of my control, from delivery, to feeding preferences and recovery of course.So for now, I’m going with the flow and plan on nursing/ formula feeding.

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments and well wishes, we are excited to find our groove and enjoy this crazy chaotic life as a new family of SEVEN.

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