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Double the Trouble, Double the Blessings.

We recently found out that we will be welcoming twins into our family! I’m sure most of you who read this are thinking, oh my, five kids! Honestly I’m right there with you. This news was so shocking it took a few weeks to really set in. Wait. Me. Five. Kids. Ahhhhh! I’m sure you can all imagine the news that you will be now raising five little people all under the age of six. Now, don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly grateful for our new babies on the way and we already love them so much, but there are also those other thoughts. Oh my gosh, I need a new house, I need a new car, five kids…. the youngest being twins. Overwhelming to say the least. Twins don’t run in my family, so this is a big surprise. So many people have so many questions, and honestly I do to. It’s scary, and intimidating and incredibly stressful, but fun at the same time. I’ve always had this need to be extra busy, it seems as though I have secured that for the next 18 years or so.

Since the shock is over, and my actual planning brain is working, I thought I’d share with you all some answers to all the questions!

  • Yes, we are moving. In two weeks actually. Send help! The thought of bringing 5 kids home to our tiny apartment was one of my biggest worries. It may have not been the right priority but my mind went right there. I can’t have 5 kids in this house, we are barely making it work with three. I will literally be a crazy person. We aren’t ready to buy, so we are going to rent for a couple years to make sure we like the area. We are having to sacrifice location, for space. Which I’m fine with at this point in my life. I love the beach, but it’s getting more and more crowded and the prices are insane. Plus we aren’t moving THAT far, it just wont be five minutes down the road. We have to be realistic.
  • Yes, I need a bigger car. I can’t fit 5 car seats safely in my car and Khloe isn’t ready for a booster yet because of her size and the weight limit and I’d prefer to leave her in the harness as long as possible. We are thinking about a Suburban. I basically have a van now and there is no cargo room. I need cargo room, we do lots of different things.
  • Yes, we were trying for another baby. Obviously super personal, but everyone asks. No we didn’t think we’d have twins…
  • Yes, I’m still planning on homeschooling. I believe in it too much to stop and honestly, the thought of getting five kids ready and out the door twice a day on a time crunch sounds way worse than home schooling. We will get a rhythm figured out, it will just be an adjustment.
  • No, I never planned on having five children, but I’m excited and can’t help but think about all of the fun years ahead. So many fun Holidays, and future grand babies.
  • Yes. We know how babies are made for all of you asking.

The day we found out:

We found out at our first 8 week appointment. I know I’ve had three kids, but I forgot the first ultrasound was internal and now I have kids old enough to ask a lot of questions, so my husband waited with them in the waiting room. The ultrasound tech said, “man, I wish your husband was in here.” I was thinking oh gosh, either something is wrong or there’s more than one. Which is funny because I swear that morning I was so nervous. I even said to Stephen. “I’m nervous about today, what if there’s two in there?” He said, “welp, then I guess we will have five babies. ” I think some part of me knew. I had been extra tired, like devastatingly tired. I just brushed it off as, I have three other busy kids, I’m a little older this time, but something felt different. The kind ladies in my Dr. office offered to watch my three kids so my husband could come back in the room with me. We were both shocked, and honestly couldn’t even be excited at first. It was more like a holy cow feeling. You know, a feeling like someone just told you that you were about to have five kids. We literally walked out of that office afterwards and sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes. Kids yelling, minds racing, petrified.

Now that things have settled in and we have found a house, with the help and support from family and friends, we are going to make this happen. We’ve literally been showered with support and it is so heartwarming and appreciated. We hope you guys enjoy following along in our crazy journey!! Wish us all the luck!


One thought on “Double the Trouble, Double the Blessings.

  1. Congratulations! You’ll be great! I’m excited for you! And I love my suburban, maybe try and find a 2012? They last forever! Where you moving to?


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