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Home School Supplies

Today a friend of mine suggested I write a home school supply list. She is going to be starting her first year of home schooling with her kindergartner in the fall. Yay! Go her! I thought this was a great idea, so here you go.

First of all, I try to keep purchases to a minimum. I try to use things I have around the house and we utilize our local library often. Depending of course on what kind of home school you are visualizing, I would avoid stores like Lakeshore learning, or other “educational” stores. Most of them are expensive and are basically selling all the things your child would do in public school. My goals was to do something beyond construction paper, and glue so I’ve had to think outside the normal elementary school box.  I was inspired to make every table beautiful after my daughter started going to her Waldorf enrichment program. It was warm, smelled yummy, and was full of natural items. Simple wood toys, simple dolls, silks, soft rugs, and the smell of yummy bread. So, I started off buying “Waldorf” school supplies. Water color paints, beeswax crayons, coloring pencils, candles for our table, and some wood blocks. Here is my list of recommendations.

  1. Stockmar water color paint. – its spendy, but this one set lasted me all year and I still have a ton, it will probably last me through next year as well.
  2. Stockmar Beeswax crayons– again spendy, but last forever.
  3. Water color paper– You need a pretty good quality paper for this kind of water color painting.
  4. Simple wood letters-These are just fun and super versatile.
  5. Natures Anatomy– I love this book. Its beautiful and simple and fun for your little nature explorer. (and mom) She has a few other books as well, I have just only purchased this one so far.
  6. How to be a Wildflower– This is just a beautiful book, and I think it adds some whimsy to our table.
  7. Chalk Boards- I have one large one that I made. I’d love to have a vintage one on wheels, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. This is fun for drawing, and practicing writing, etc. I also bought a few small chalkboards at hobby lobby.
  8. I bought big pencils, and large lined paper to practice writing.
  9. Camden Rose Jar paint holder–  To mix and store your watercolors
  10. Colored Pencils-(You will also need a special sharpener for these.

That is a good start. I do encourage you to NOT go crazy with buying supplies. You really don’t need a lot. Especially if you are doing more of a laid back kindergarten. Use things you have, pick some fresh flowers for your table, light a candle, play some soothing music, and go with the flow. Baking, gardening, exploring, and play were all the main things in our version of home school kindergarten.  Don’t over complicate it, it is kindergarten it is supposed to be fun! Good luck to all of you starting a new adventure in home schooling! So exciting! Again I’d totally recommend the Wild+Free podcast for comfort, courage and inspiration. A  few great places for Waldorf supplies are Amazon of course and Bella Luna Toys.  Check out below, I share where I got things for our table!

Owl lesson

Owl was a decoration I had, flowers from the yard, chalkboard and white metal O from Hobby Lobby. 


Clipboard from Amazon, letters I had already, but originally bought from Hobby Lobby. I cut the astronaut out of a coloring books my kids already had, book from the local library, everything else just things we had around the house!

Compost Stew

Thrown together totally last minute because I meant to get a compost bin and never did. I ordered this book, “Compost Stew,” on amazon, and rotten fruit, dryer lint, coffee grounds, viola. Compost lesson $7.


Again using all the same stuff, I picked flowers from our yard and used a few decorations I had around  the house to make it pretty!


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